We work with space. It's called the internet.
Where we put stars in place, to ensure
a bright future for your business.

Stars can excite anybody. Some people wonder what they are. Some study their phenomenal nature. But we go a little further. At 4th Switch we create stars, with a signature touch. We let our ideas revolve and collide with one another. Random collisions and a big-bang moment help us create a spectacular display of talent and skill. With our base at Chennai, we’ve accomplished several missions to put our sparkling creations into space. Be it web-designing, advertising, 3d animation, android application development or automation systems, our creations trace the right orbit to help you get the most from them. Want to know more? Take a ride through our galaxy.

We take one small step with
our creations, to let your business
take the giant leap.

Neil Armstrong made a similar statement on moon. And he was philosophical. But we take it serious, with business. With expertise across platforms, a diverse pool of knowledge and cohesive teamwork, we deliver beyond your expectations. From hardcore logical programmers to eccentric copywriters, the launch base at 4th Switch is full of people interested in breaking through. And the only time we let numbers go down is when we’re all set for a launch.

Combination of ideas. Futurism in technology.
Efficiency in the making.

Our thoughts soar like space shuttles.
They transcend boundaries and
the unexpected.

And the ride is never short of fascination. As our colours and words play around, we shape them perfect with insights and ideas. While our copywriters and designers enjoy the thrill, our client relation executives balance between skill and strategy to ensure the ride serves its purpose. Be it a simple brushstroke or a corporate tagline, we leave our signature touch behind. With thoughts that transcend and talents that transform, we always accomplish the unexpected.

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Our technology is much like rocket science.
Dedication in the making and
diligence in execution.

With a never ending appetite for perfection, our programmers and engineers at our IT services division strive to offer the best solution there is. We strongly emphasize user experience and data credibility , while not compromising on the precision and efficiency of our products. Our clients accolade the total reliability and consistent resourcefulness of our services, owing to our complete client support and cutting-edge maintenance techniques. Like rocket science, dedication in the making and diligence in execution.

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Automation to us is like a
launch preparation. Assessing liabilities
& mapping to perfection.

From RF identification to SCADA systems, our list of automation services is implemented with acute sense of precision. Be it a motor pump that needs turning off while you’re away from home or tracking the movement of your personnel within your office premises, our solutions give you a leading edge over your requirements. With a team of engineers and automation experts we ensure a seamless delivery of services and after-sales support through tailor-made maintenance packages.

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Corporate branding:
Brand name | Brand positioning | Corporate identity | Corporate stationery
Audio-visual presentations

Press advertisements | Brochures | Flyers | Hoarding | Radio spots

Digital marketing:
Websites | Web advertisements | E-mailers

We keep breaking… Circuits, Gears, Laptops
And eventually, records.

When we hear something break in our office, we celebrate. From firing up ICs to blacking-out the entire building, our people keep breaking things in the way, just to come up with something exceptional. For now we keep ourselves busy with products that would decide the future. To know how we'll get that done,

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R & R construction & industrial hardware, a dealer of Hitachi power tools in Chennai.

This was a logo designed for a Roman Catholic parish in Hyderabad.

An online media streaming company, Rehoboth Media.

An upcoming florist shop in Nandambakkam, Chennai.

Ascension Church, Chennai, a Christian church community.

MPR Maideen Leathers, a leather finishing and processing unit in Ranipet, Tamilnadu.

An exporter of garments, based in Chennai.

An international school located in Ubungo, Tanzania.

A chemical processing and storage unit located at Ranipet, Tamilnadu.

A supplier of industrial and residential water suppliers in Chennai.

A multi-national business group based in Chennai, involved in several infrastructure projects.

The annual leisure event of Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai.

An export company involved in international trade of food supplies.

Exporters of clothing and clothing accessories, located at Chennai.

A gated-community located at Puzhal, Chennai.

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around our space with us.


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Tamilnadu, India

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